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Bachelor in Science Major in Marine Biology

If you plan to finish a bachelor's of science in Marine Biology, it is important that you attain the total credit required first, as well as all other requirements. Colleges and universities may have different subjects and topics covered, but the core is still very much the same. You can start by asking for the course perspective or inquiring online. Here is the breakdown.

Lower Division Requirements

There are 124 semester credits required to finish Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology. General education common core consists of about 45 semester credits at least. You should first complete the general education common core having one course in every of the 15 common core categories, together with 2 cross-theme requirements. You should check for eligible courses for every requirement for a complete description of the general education program. You may not apply for more than 2 courses having the same alpha toward the common core requirements. You can check and review all the HPU alphas.

Some of the courses needed for the major can also be applied to the general education course, which increase the number of unlimited elective credits available. The possible overlaps are shown parenthetically after the course name in the lower division major requirements list. You should talk to the person in charge or inquire online to know more about the prerequisites and to avoid any further conflict in the future.

The Major Requirements

Major requirements in the lower division consist of 46 to 48 semester credits. Inclusions are General Biology I, General Biology I (Laboratory), General Biology II (Global Systems A), General Biology II (Laboratory), General Chemistry I (Global Systems C), General Chemistry I (Laboratory), General Chemistry II, General Chemistry II (Laboratory), Oceanographic Field Techniques, Geological, Chemical and Physical Oceanography, Geological, Chemical and Physical Oceanography (Laboratory), Marine Biology, Marine Biology (Laboratory), Statistics, Calculus I, Calculus II, Freshmen Science Seminar, College Physics I, College Physics I (Laboratory), College Physics II, College Physics II (Laboratory), General Physics I, General Physics I (Laboratory), General Physics II and General Physics II (Laboratory).

Upper Division Requirements

The general education for the upper division consists of 7 semester credits. Upper division research and writing consist of 4 credits, while upper class citizenship requirement consists of 3 credits. The requirements include Comparative Animal Physiology, Comparative Animal Physiology (Laboratory), Evolutionary Genetics, Marine Invertebrate Zoology or Vertebrate, Marine Invertebrate or Vertebrate Zoology (Laboratory), Ecology, Ecology (Laboratory), Cell and Molecular Biology, Cell and Molecular Biology (Laboratory), Fundamental Organic Chemistry, Descriptive Regional Oceanography, Marine Ecology, Marine Ecology (Laboratory), Marine Biology Seminar, Plant Biology, Plant Biology (Laboratory), Biometry, Natural History, Cell and Molecular Biology, Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology (Laboratory), Organic Chemistry I, Biochemistry I, Environmental Chemistry, Honors Research and Practicum. Geology course and math course in the upper division may also be taken upon approval.

The Unrestricted Electives (0 Semester Credits)

Major in Marine Biology adds up to 124 credits total, so there are no additional credits needed. Further studies may be taken by the student at his or her discretion.


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