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Choosing the Right Marine Biology College

There are several universities and colleges offering programs that train students in marine biology. You have to find the best school that can provide you with specialization, as well as open more opportunities to gain substantial income. Keep in mind that there are several kinds and specializations. You should check out the programs and ask other students what you can expect from any given course. Here are some tips on how to pick the ideal one.

Where to Study

Marine biology colleges may be located inland in various states, but you have to expect that you will later on be assigned to offshore sites and many aquatic areas to do research and undergo projects. You should determine the different sites where you will most likely be assigned if you enrol in a particular college. You should also decide if you want to study away from home or just live a few miles away from the school.

Some colleges offer a wide range of marine biology specializations. Others may only have the major marine biology course, while other colleges have 3 or more specializations. Even though a college or university may only offer one kind of marine biology course, you can still get ahead by checking if they have other good programs that go along with the course. If you know some great marine biologists and professors teaching, it can also be a good factor in helping you determine the best college.

The Budget

Taking up marine biology in a college will most likely mean paying the same enrolment fees as other bachelor of science course. You will also need to pay for use of special equipment, books, study materials and uniforms. Since the course will require funds to support different types of research, you will be trained or actually apply for grants to help get financial help for your projects. There are many marine biology scholars all over the United States, provided that you have the right credentials and good grades to show your school.

Why You Want to Study

Know your reasons for wanting to study marine biology. Choosing a college will also depend on your current SAT scores, grades, finances and extracurricular activities. The high school guidance counselor can help you discuss the realistic opportunities to get into a good college. It is not uncommon for students to graduate marine biology inland, without even being close to the ocean.

On Majoring

You do not have to become a major in marine biology to be a marine biologist. Basic science can be useful enough, but it is recommended that you take up a course in marine science or take it as a minor subject. You should focus more on the basic groundwork that will help you become more knowledgeable in the course such as chemistry, physics, biology, math and engineering. You should also learn a few things about computer programming and science.

You can also try to take a double or triple major in engineering subjects, since these can directly be applied to problems in ocean science.


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