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FAQs in Marine Biology

Before you become a marine biologist, you need to know the requirements and tools that will help you land a stable and interesting job. The subject is so diverse, which is why you have to spend some time contemplating on which subjects to take, as well as the inclusions of each related job. You may realize that you want to work in a related profession. Here are some of the common questions asked by individuals.

What should you major in if you want to work with aquatic mammals?

Very few individuals choose to specialize in marine mammals even though the subject is very interesting. Students are recommended to take up courses in organismal biology like fish biology, marine mammals, vertebrate biology and invertebrate biology. They should also take up courses in aquaculture and aquatic animal illnesses to plan for aquarium work in the future. Students who aim to work with marine mammals must take up courses in animal behavior, as well as other courses on aquatic mammals if these are present. Volunteers can work at an aquarium or stranding program is ideally needed for entrance into the competitive field. You can visit different marine mammalogy web sites online for more information.

What should you take if you want to focus on sharks and fishes?

If you want to study sharks or fishes, you have to specialize in the subfield within the fields of marine biology and ichthyology. Students must major in Marine Biology or Biological Sciences and take up courses in Fish Biology, Vertebrate Biology, Ichthyology and other specialized courses, as much as they are available.

If you want to go to Vet School, Medical School or Dental School, can you take up Marine Biology as a major?

You can still take up marine biology as a major even if you want to take up another course or school in the future. BS in Marine Biology is just the same is BS Biological Science. It includes courses that are needed for entrance to Vet, Medical or Dental School. Students are recommended to take up different courses aside from the others to satisfy the major in marine biology, making the completion of the course more challenging with added studies.

Do I have to meet my faculty advisor every semester?

Experts highly recommend that you interact with faculty one-on-one regularly, so that these helpful people can get to know you better too. The faculty advisor can help guide you in courses that will meet your specific requirements and interest. You can learn more about research opportunities, job opportunities, internship programs, summer field courses and graduate school application procedures.

What jobs can you get after graduating Marine Biology?

Marine biology majors usually train in chemistry, physics, biology, calculus, marine biology and oceanography. Students can then be qualified for jobs as marine biologists, oceanography and educators. You can contact different universities and institutions to help you in your research and open the possibility of teaching others who also want to become marine professionals. Visit the official web site or meet with the department head.


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