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How to Become a Marine Biologist

A lot of individuals dream of becoming a marine biologist but fail to acquire the right skills and personality required for the course. Determine your interest in the subject and find out how you can cope with the requirements. You do not have to take up the actual Marine Biology course in college to be a marine biologist. You will find that there are many related courses that you can take, for you to fully enjoy your career for the long term.

School Requirements

You have to build a strong and solid educational base. Study a lot of science subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology and geology in high school. You should also study intensely and try to aim for very high grades. Also focus on your writing skills, since you will write a lot of reports and proposals in the actual job. If you want to get a graduate or doctorate degree, take up language subjects too, like German and Latin.

Do special research studies in high school and participate in science projects and conventions for students. Volunteer in research facilities and raise an aquarium. You may want to spend some money traveling to different marine labs all over the globe. Once you get to university, choose subjects that will further expand your knowledge base such as biology, physics, chemistry and biochemistry. You can also add astronomy and geology.

Choosing the School

Pick the right university and master's graduate study school that provides you with all the knowledge, tools and skills to become competent in your field. Talk to current students and professors. Find out how training is and what are the available resources and laboratories to equip you properly. Once you get your master's degree, you can further focus on getting a doctorate degree to earn big positions or have the privilege to become professor and teach. Spend some time comparing schools before making your final decision.

Finding the Job

There are several branches of marine biology that you can work in, depending on your credentials and specific interest. You can be several other related things like being an educator, oceanographer, ocean engineer, etc. Most of the job entails gathering data, creating proposals, teaching and making proposals and reports. Choose the institutions that focus on the studies that you are truly interested in. Find more information by visiting online discussion boards, web sites and joining actual events and forums.

Planning and Preparation

It is recommended that you look for a mentor who will guide you through the process. This way, you avoid the common pitfalls such as missing a subject or two and having to go back and study before you become qualified for the job. You should already determine the course you want to take, as well as continue learning about the requirements of the job. Assignments will vary depending on your location, the subject and the institution. You can also take up more units to become qualified in another marine profession, should you lose interest in your current work.


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