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Marine Biologist: The Job Description

Marine biologists will be assigned to different tasks, but you should first determine the various job descriptions to become competent in the field. There are many common responsibilities that researchers or marine biologists share. Once you complete the course and training, you can then move on to new career paths. Here are some more tips.

The Many Responsibilities

You may be assigned primarily for research purposes. Expect to research different aquatic and marine organisms. You may also be tasked to monitor and observe marine communities and ecosystems. You should study ahead the biochemical processes of freshwater plants and organisms. Study the different marine animals and plants, together with the interactions and behavior.

If you come across new species, record the details. Report how ocean animals depend on the environment and the different provisions of the ecosystem. You may also be given the responsibility to collect and review samples. Start planning and conducting experiments as needed. If you are working at a college or university, you may start working as an educator to let people find out more about results and discoveries.

Career Paths

You can choose a variety of careers once you finish marine biology in a given college or university. Some of the jobs and careers that you can land on after graduating include being a naturalist, marine biologist, marine mammal specialist, marine biology educator, marine biology team manager, aquarium director, ecologist and conservationist.

You can expect to acquire many great skills upon finishing a marine biology degree. Students from a marine biology college can gain specialized skills and advanced knowledge in scientific research methods and application. Students may also join internship programs to further enhance their skills.

The Skills

Some of the skills that you can expect to have after graduating include gathering and reporting various data, scientific method development and application, analysis and experimentation, strong research skills and critical thinking, publishing experimental reports and results, fieldwork experience and networking with other scientist and biologists. The skills acquired may be used for other related work like veterinary medicine, forestry, agricultural science and medical science.

About the Course

Thorough training and studies are expected if you take up marine biology. Some of the topics and classes that you will most likely enter include field investigations, scale and processes in marine biology, biological oceanography, diseases of aquatic animals, conservation genetics, sustainable fisheries, marine ecology, marine resources and conservation management and marine mammalogy.

You can also decide to specialize within the marine biology degree program to venture careers in oceanic history, biological oceanography, molecular studies and aquatic restoration. Advance technology greatly allows students to get direct experience by going to a formal marine biology college. Supervised fieldwork studies and lab training will then help students attain very balanced education in their chosen field.

Majority of marine biology colleges and schools are accredited by the regional association of colleges and secondary schools or the regional Higher Commission on Learning. Independent accreditation may also be offered by every state to schools.


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