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Risks and Pitfalls of Marine Biology

Similar to other professions, there are a number of pitfalls that you have to watch out for as a marine biologist. You have to fully understand the nature and description of the job, as well as practice all the applications to get ahead. You will find that experience helps a lot in reducing the common risks and disadvantages. Find a mentor and excel in your endeavors. Here are some more details on how you can possibly avoid the risks.

Lack of Data

The ocean is a very vast area, majority of which still remains unexplored. It is important that you collect sufficient data to come up with the most adequate and convincing results. Some types of data have to be collected from different parts of the world. Others require years to fully unravel. As a marine biologist, you have to be very meticulous and patient with all the details. Data needs to be specific, since you will be dealing with organisms that are both visible to the naked eye and microscopic.

In many occasions, you have to collect data and test for results again and again to confirm. Some specimens tend to be limited, so you have to be very careful when conducting studies or risk spending several more weeks and months searching for more samples. Your observations should be put into writing, so that you can accurately compare and view the results.

Personality Pitfalls

Some individuals' personalities simply do not match the job description, so they end up getting bored or worse, incompetent in assignments. There are several fields in marine biology that you can apply for. You have to understand which areas you are really interested in. Spend some time working on each field then decide which area matches your skills well. Marine biology requires patient, hardworking, adventurous and intelligent people.

To become a marine biologist, you need to finish a bachelor's or master's degree at least. Your grades have to be good or excellent if you want to be part of prestigious institutions. You also boost your chances of getting a grant or extra funding if you make sensible and significant research. If you want to become professor or a managerial position, you have to finish a doctorate degree.

Ocean Dangers

Being a marine biologist means that you need to spend a lot of time in the sea or in expeditions. Certain times, you are required to spend several weeks or months in ships or vessels. You will also spend many hours inside submersibles. It is already understood that weather conditions, the unknown depths of the ocean and other existing dangers lurk in many corners. You have to be aware of the dangers and make the necessary precautions by planning and preparing beforehand.

Reducing the Risks

Study the course carefully first before applying. Check for other types of profession as well, since you may realize that your skills and knowledge match a less adventurous job. Planning and working together as a team also greatly reduces the common dangers that one can expect from being a marine professional.


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