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The Marine Biology Course

Marine biology is a branch of science which can also break down into several other specializations. Before you pick the course, make sure that you have the right mindset and skills to go through everything. You may be surprised to know that some aspects of the course can actually be boring and time-consuming. Here are some more guidelines on what you can expect from the course and how well you can cope with the requirements.

The Courses

Universities usually offer anywhere from 1 to 5 marine biology courses. All courses usually have the same requirements for students to enter and are very closely integrated. All courses share several basic modules. However, there are also important differences, so it is an excellent idea to view the course descriptions and modules first before finalizing your choice. The Marine biology course will delve on the biology of the organisms residing in the sea, taking into consideration the chemical and physical processes in the oceans and habitats. Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology involves a cross-system approach, wherein interactions and marine ecosystems take center stage.

Other Focuses

The Marine Biology & Oceanography course focuses more on integrating biological knowledge, with some inclusions on ocean processes. You will most likely cover topics like ocean biogeochemistry and physical processes together with the ecology and biology of marine life. One of the basic ways wherein the various ethos of the courses is developed is during the second year field course and methods modules. Join a number of course preview sessions to grab the chance to talk to students and staff regarding the various courses.

On Certain Changes

Once you find out more about the Marine Biology course, you may want to change your application. It is usually not a problem to transfer between 3 marine courses at Plymouth. In most cases, applicants will change their mind after joining the course preview day. Just inform the school during preview day or by writing a letter or email then amend the UCAS entry. Schools usually have a set number of places on each course to help plan for field courses and practical work. Even though the first year of every course is the same and theoretically possible to change, there might only be a very limited number of places.

The Fieldwork

The fieldwork can vary between courses. Marine Biology, Marine Biology & Coastal Ecology and Marine Biology & Oceanography typically have the same field course during the first year. The second year field course has a new emphasis. One course is located in a different place, focusing more on the experimental approach to study habitats in shallow water.

Another is found in a different location and focuses on the different kinds of flora and fauna in the region. The Marine Biology & Oceanography is done in a new location, involving boat work on a research vessel. Follow up analysis in the lab may be done. You may be provided with some pamphlets and manuals to exactly determine what you should expect during fieldwork.


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