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The Various Tasks of Marine Biology

There are so many professions that you can get by taking marine biology as a major. The important thing is that you complete all your basic subjects then find the right course and work that you are truly interested in. You can better boost your chances of finding the perfect job that offers substantial salary, together with the right people, equipment and facilities that make your research worthwhile. Here is a guideline of what to expect.

The Assistant Professor

As an assistant professor, you may be tasked to go to very remote locations such as Antarctica to do fieldwork for geology or oceanography. You will most likely go to the destination via a research ship. A program will lend out ships to researchers so that they do not have to purchase cold-weather gear that ranges up to several thousands of dollars. The parka or ship will have to be returned at the end of the research. Some of your objectives can include studying rock formations, trying out new deep submersible technologies and comparing animal behavior in various locations.

The Associate Professor

The associate professor receives around $65,000 to $100,000 each year. You will need to be a professor in geophysics and marine geology to be a professor. The typical work averages around 70 hours every week. Some of the things that the professor does include studying the role of volcanoes to support life without sunlight, learning how the lost city hydrothermal system was created, creating new sensors that pass through the vents, discovering new vent systems and working on a seafloor observatory.

Deep Sea Work

There can be many liens of research as a deep sea biologist. One line may involve studying the communities of various animals that thrive on the skeletons of dead whales found int he deep sea. The other area may involve studying seamount communities and deep-sea corals. You may study the distribution of corals, invertebrates and the dispersion of invertebrates between seamounts.

The submersible pilot works about 40 hours each week. The hours will highly depend on the sea conditions and weather. Your job will most likely involve supporting scientist research. You will pilot and act as a technician for the sub. The submersible has to be ready every time there is a dive. Scientists have to go underwater and back to the surface in the safest manner possible. You will also be managing the science collection equipment like cameras and life support systems.

Administrative Work

If you want to be an NOAA physical scientist or administrator, you need to have excellent credentials. Your work can include developing geography information systems and data linked to marine and coastal environments. You have to create management plans for marine protected areas. You may also be tasked to be project manager for huge undersea expeditions, using both unmanned and manned submersible devices.

You have to be committed to studying and learning about the natural systems of both coastal and marine locations. As a result, you can give information needed to effectively manage the ecosystem.


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